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Quality Authorized Generics

We stock quality generics

Both authorized generic and regular generic drugs are offered at Lily's Pharmacy, ensuring access to a variety of options that meet your needs while recognizing the demand for higher quality generic medications.

Available Options — What’s the difference?

Generic drugs are generally known as a less expensive alternative to their branded counterpart. Though similar in name, Authorized Generics are a unique classification not to be confused with traditional (ANDA) generic drugs. Authorized Generics are developed under the branded drug’s New Drug Application (NDA), and are made at the same high quality standards, with the same inactive ingredients as the brand name drug, often in the same manufacturing facility!

We proudly partner with Greenstone

GREENSTONE follows the same comprehensive and robust quality management system designed for the production and supply of quality products as the original brand-name manufacturer (in most cases, Pfizer).

From receipt of raw materials to release testing, GREENSTONE products receive the same rigorous analytical testing as their brand equivalents, and often times come from the same exact production line and have the same exact markings as the brand name.



GREENSTONE receives their product materials from a global network of suppliers. Sites in North America and Europe manufacture 100% of GREENSTONE's Authorized Generics.