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Strong & Minty Propolis Spray
Strong & Minty Propolis Spray

Strong & Minty Propolis Spray

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Propolis Throat Spray is rich in vitamins and antioxidants and includes honey and natural mint. In addition to promoting oral health, it has been shown to reduce the duration of cold sores. It includes the active ingredients Echinacea to strengthen the body's immune system and Pelargonium Root to support respiratory health.

Ancient civilizations used propolis for a variety of ailments. The Greeks used it to treat abscesses; the Assyrians used it to fight infections; and the Egyptians used it during the mummification process. Today, people look to propolis for immune system support and to help boost resistance to and recovery from the common cold.

Spray two times directly in the mouth, then swallow. Spray in throat up to twice daily to boost immunity.

Propolis is a sophisticated substance that honey bees create by collecting plant resins and combining them with enzymes and beeswax. Propolis is known for its outstanding antimicrobial properties and serves as the honey bee colony's immune system.