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Tiny Saints Sidekicks™ - "Bumblebee"

Tiny Saints Sidekicks™ - "Bumblebee"

Tiny Saints
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Children love animals, and so did many of the saints! Now you can introduce your little ones to the saints with Tiny Saints® Sidekicks™!

Back of box: St. Abigail traveled the Irish countryside sharing the love of Christ and using honey to naturally treat illnesses and wounds. Bees and their honey hold an important place in Irish culture. Legend has it that Abigail once called her bees from their hives to chase off evil-doers! Some even say the bees miraculously changed into soldiers and their hives transformed into bronze helmets! Abigail cared for the less fortunate until she was called to Heaven. In Irish folklore, that is represented by... a flying bee!

Approx. 5 inches tall.