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COVID-19 Vaccination

Effective March 19, 2024: We are currently out of 2023-2024 COVID-19 Vaccines.  We will provide an update here when more stock is available and the CDC makes updated recommendations!  Please watch this page for updates.

We have very limited supply of the 2023-2024 COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine formulation arriving on a weekly basis.  Please use the below calendar to book your appointment.

NOTE: If there are no appointments available using the below calendar, that means we are currently out of stock.  Calling the pharmacy will not help you get on a list or get a vaccine appointment.

Please see our Vaccinations page to book an appointment for any of our other vaccinations offered.



It is very important that you follow the steps articulated below in order to secure your appointments:


Select your appointment timeslot above. This appointment will be secured upon booking, but will require you to submit paperwork!


Complete the two forms (Patient Vaccination Questionnaire and Pre-Vaccination Health Screening) that will be e-mailed to you BEFORE ARRIVAL!


The day before your confirmed appointment, you will receive a reminder email & text message, again reminding you of the process & to complete the forms!


Arrive for your appointment no earlier than 5 minutes before the appointment window and come into the pharmacy to check-in at the front counter. Remember your vaccination card, if appropriate!


Receive your vaccination & we will schedule your appointment for your 21 day follow up (if appropriate).

Now that you have read the steps, you are ready to book using the calendar above!