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Good Neighbor Premium Program

Effective June 2024, the “GOOD NEIGHBOR PREMIUM PROGRAM” is being discontinued, but don’t worry – you can still get our stellar service delivered!

In business, some things that look like great ideas don’t come to fruition as we would have hoped, and the “Premium” program that we had offered to our patients is unfortunately one of them. We have made the difficult decision to discontinue the “Good Neighbor Premium Program” at the end of May 2024. Many of the benefits of the program will continue to be in place at Lily’s Pharmacy for free, including the Loyalty Rewards Program, the blood glucose and blood pressure monitoring, the FAIR-RX discount drug pricing program, manufacturer coupons, Medicare Part D plan finder reviews, and many more.

Unfortunately, due to current and ongoing economic conditions, the main benefit of the Premium Program, the unlimited free daily delivery, is being discontinued. We are still ready and willing, and more than happy to deliver, for a modest charge of $6.99 per delivery, now with a 10-mile unrestricted radius and the ability to leave packages for “contactless delivery” (limitations to “contactless delivery” apply). Effective June 2024, there will be no more $9.99/month membership charge. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to serving your needs for many more years to come!

Thank you, and God Bless you!

Lily’s Pharmacy